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Chris Quinn


Chris’ client-base consists primarily of companies, partnerships and LLPs and/or senior individuals within the same who find themselves facing, or who wish to avoid, significant commercial and/or employment disputes.

Chris offers litigation, advisory, regulatory [including FCA] and negotiating expertise across many sectors including oil and gas, investment management, banking, broking, hedgefunds, legal and manufacturing.

As a result, Chris has extensive expertise in the High Court and Court of Appeal, Employment Tribunal, commercial arbitration and mediation. He is frequently recommended by the two leading guides across a range of specialisms.

Chris is often instructed in initially urgent cases where clients are looking for counsel capable of both assimilating complex business information quickly and then providing decisive and intelligible advice as to how best to proceed as well as a proven ability to get results. His track-record in major cases is impressive, including noteworthy successes in several high-profile disputes such as:
  • SBJ Lonmar v West
  • Towry EJ Limited v Bennett
  • Thomson Ecology Limited v Hall
Chris is instructed in a number of cases on behalf of fellow lawyers, both barristers and law firms. He is also instructed in cases with a trans-national element and frequently on behalf of North American companies with a London presence.
Chris is a previous nominee for Chambers & Partners Employment barrister of the year award. 

Chris has extensive experience on committees having previously been the Head of both our Business  Development and our Recruitment Committees. In 2015 he is leading Littleton’s major ongoing training exercise for senior associates entitled "How to handle an Urgent High Court Employment Dispute”. 
In Legal 500 (2016) Chris is described as:
"A tenacious and dogged opponent, with a justified reputation for being a fighter."
"Diligent and effective with difficult witnesses."


Chris is very regularly instructed in disputes arising from the employment of senior individuals. The nature of these disputes can range from statutory employment claims (including whistleblowing and discrimination) through to shareholder and IP disputes. Team moves and alleged breaches of directors’ duties are a particular specialism.

It is in the nature of the cases in which Chris is instructed that the parties place a value on keeping the fact and nature of the disputes confidential such that Chris does not refer even to names of his clients or their opponents unless or until there has been a reported outcome to one of his cases. Even in respect of cases where he has succeeded it may not be in his client’s interests to publicise the same.

Recent examples of Chris’ employment cases that he was able to litigate through to a successful outcome and which he is able to refer to include:
  • Thomson Ecology Limited v Hall and others
  • Towry EJ Limited v Bennett and others
  • SBJ Lonmar v West and others
Chris has extensive appellate experience in all such employment-related disputes

    Commercial Dispute Resolution

Chris is regularly instructed in a broad range of commercial disputes.

These cases often include very serious allegations. He has recently acted in a series of cases arising from so-called "land banking”, including both misfeasance claims brought by a company liquidator and enforcement proceedings brought by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of an alleged unlawful collective investment scheme contrary to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

More generally, Chris is also frequently instructed in respect of disputes arising out of agency agreements. A recent example of one of Chris’ cases is PHS v Rentokil which considered the appropriateness of non-user of confidential information restrictions and of springboard relief in the context of commercial agency.

Chris also receives instructions on a regular basis in partnership/ LLP disputes.

He is instructed in Court claims, in arbitrations and in mediations as well as, on occasion, in internal disputes.


Chris regularly demonstrates his ability to quickly assimilate the essentials of different business sectors and to then successfully obtain or resist injunctive relief from the Courts.

According to Chambers and Partners, Chris "is often the first port of call in high-value City disputes and is particularly recommended for injunctive relief cases”.

Chris has extensive experience of both applying for and opposing applications for freezing relief, search orders and enforcement of restrictive covenants and fiduciary duties. His work regularly involves intellectual property and other tangential areas.

His injunction work in 2015 has thus far included oil/gas and franchise cases.

Many but by no means all of Chris’ injunction cases will result in speedy trials.  In respect of these, Chambers and Partners describes him as being "A tremendous cross-examiner and effective fighter” who "produces clear, crisp and persuasive arguments”.

    Legal Profession

Chris’ reputation is evidenced by his frequent instruction on behalf of fellow members of the legal profession in their own disputes. 

He has acted both for and against a number of major law firms as well as very regularly advising on the resolution of internal disputes.

Chris’ recent reported cases in this regard include the Supreme Court decision in Bates van Winkelhof v Clyde & Co which considered the ability of LLP members to invoke whistle-blowing legislation whilst making no determination of the merits of the claim.

As a result of the successful outcome before the Court of Appeal in McCarthy v Bar Standards Board in which an earlier judgment by the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal to strike off a barrister (before Chris was instructed) was overturned, Chris is also being instructed in an increasing number of cases by barristers (including leading counsel) and other members of regulated professions when they face the most serious of allegations. In a recent example of such a case, Chris' involvement saw the other side withdraw a wasted costs application that it had made against leading counsel and agree to pay a contribution towards his costs of defending that application.

    Recent Significant Concluded Cases

(Most recent first)

  • McCarthy v Visitors to the Inns of Court [2015] EWCA Civ 12 (CA)
  • Coll v Floreat [2014]  EWHC 1741 (QB)
  • Clyde & Co LLP v Bates van Winkelhof [2014] UKSC 32 (SC)
  • PHS v Rentokil  [2014] EWCA Civ 29 (CA)
  • J M Finn & Co Ltd v Holliday [2013] EWHC 3450 (QB)
  • Thomson Ecology v Hall and Others [2013] EWHC 2875 (Ch)
  • Towry EJ Limited v Bennett and Others [2012] EWHC 224 (QB)
  • Lonmar v West and Others [2010] EWHC 2878 (QB)


Chris is a keen sportsman with a particular passion for skiing and (somewhat controversially) both his local football teams.

As previous Head of our Business Development Committee, Chris was instrumental in the creation of our website and also in the inception and subsequent growth of our Business Development staffing team (now 4-strong).

Chris continues to lead many of our BD initiatives and this year is piloting his new ongoing training scheme for senior associates on handling a High Court employment case.

Chris has also been Head of our Recruitment Committee and played a pivotal role in the recent regeneration of Chambers.