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Mauro Rubino-Sammartano has a wide experience as an advocate in Italy and in Paris, as an associate tenant of a London set of Chambers for many years, as a Recorder and Deputy Judge in Italy and has been much involved since about 30 years in arbitration and more recently in mediation.

He chairs the European Court of Arbitration and the Mediation Centre of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. He lectures on arbitration and mediation and is the writer of various text books and many articles on arbitration.



His role as an arbitrator is focused on aiming to understand the parties by creating a constructive dialogue, on ensuring that they have the possibility to prove their case and on taking into account the need that the case be decided in a balanced way and in a short time.

    Practice Areas

  • Contract law
  • International arbitration and litigation
  • Construction
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sales of goods
  • Major tort issues
Call:     1961
Mauro Rubino-Sammartano