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James Bickford Smith writes for Practical Law on settlement agreements privilege & confidentiality
Added: 09.04.2020   |  Tags:  Comments  Dispute Resolution
James Bickford Smith writes for Practical Law on settlement agreements, privilege and confidentiality.

A Collaborative View on The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Added: 08.04.2020   |  Tags:  Comments  Employment Law  Covid-19
David Reade QC has contributed to this Collaborative View with members of other Chambers.

Day 10		Wednesday, 8 April 2020
Added: 08.04.2020   |  Tags:  News  Comments  Employment Law  Covid-19
Day 10 - Littleton Updates on Employment Tribunal Practice

“Give Me Just a Little More Time”
Added: 07.04.2020   |  Tags:  Comments  Sports Law  Podcast  Covid-19
Olympics v Wimbledon and the Legal Problems arising from the Deferral as Opposed to Cancellation of Sporting Events. Bianca Balmelli and Nicholas Siddall QC analyse the legal issues arising from the differing responses of sporting events to the Covid-19 pandemic

Sports Clubs in the lurch? Considering the eligibility of players for Government's furlough scheme
Added: 06.04.2020   |  Tags:  Comments  Sports Law  Covid-19
The restrictive measures imposed in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19 are creating an unprecedented and often existential challenge for businesses across the globe, and sports clubs are no exception.

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