In 2002 Littleton established a group of the world's leading arbitrators, enabling our chambers to provide a full arbitration service.

Each member of the group is an independent professional, with world-wide experience of major international and domestic arbitrations, whether acting as tribunal chairman, member or sole arbitrator.

The Global Arbitration Review's latest publication "introduces a selection of the arbitrators who matter, in London", and lists three door tenants from Littleton.

Sam Haubold, Pierre A Karrer and Dr Wolfgang Peter are "superarbitrators" who "play the world stage" and "compete for appointments on the biggest cases.

Littleton members are available to conduct and act as counsel in Arbitrations in the UK and Internationally.

Often working together as members of the same tribunal, our arbitrators are familiar with both common and civil law systems and between them can arbitrate in the following languages; English, French, German and Italian.