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Littleton has a strong connection with arbitration, both domestic and international. It was the first set to establish an arms-length dedicated arbitration group, which gathers together a number of highly regarded international arbitrators, and members of Chambers at all levels of call are frequently instructed to appear in arbitrations either individually or in teams.


Littleton counsel at all levels of call are frequently instructed to act in arbitrations with a London seat or governed by English law. Chambers’ strength in sports law has also led to involvement in arbitrations conducted under the aegis of a sporting body.

A strong focus of current and recent commercial work has been arbitrations with a CIS subject-matter, with several members of Littleton achieving directory and expert recognition for their expertise in this area.

Current or very recent matters have included:

  • A Stockholm arbitration concerning an oil and gas joint venture in the Ukraine
  • An LCIA arbitration concerning alleged commercial fraud in the Ukraine
  • An LCIA arbitration concerning a commodities dispute between Russian parties
  • An LCIA arbitration concerning a joint venture dispute between Russian parties
  • A fraud dispute between Ukrainian parties relating to the sale and purchase of oil

Members of Littleton are also involved in a number of ongoing construction, sale of goods and joint venture arbitrations.

Littleton has experience in assembling effective and practical teams of experienced barristers at all levels of call, blending international experience, hard work, a "can do” attitude and strong advocacy.


The Global Arbitration Review's latest review of London arbitration lists three door tenants from Littleton Chambers as "superarbitrators" who "play the world stage" and "compete for appointments on the biggest cases”. Littleton’s arbitrators are equally sought after for appointments where cost-effective and prompt handling of a relatively discrete dispute is the primary objective of both parties.

Often working together as members of the same tribunal, our arbitrators are familiar with both common and civil law systems and between them can arbitrate in the following languages; English, French, German and Italian.

Recent appointments have included: Dubai and Kazakhstan Joint Venture Disputes; a Partnership Dispute at a Large International Law Firm; Sale or Carriage of Goods Disputes involving Swiss, Syrian, American, Saudi Arabian, Bulgarian and Indian parties; Bermuda Form Reinsurance Matters; high value international construction matters.



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