Public Procurement

Littleton’s involvement in public procurement covers both advice and representation regarding compliance with national and international regulatory systems and with the broader procurement reform concerns of transition and developing economies.

In the case of international regulated procurement, Littleton barristers have advised both public and private sector clients on the impact of, and compliance with, UK and EC procurement rules and related areas including interim relief in the High Court.

Our Barristers have also advised on the application of the GATT/WTO Agreements on Government Procurement and the effect on the procurement rules of the EC’s preferential trade arrangement.

Donor funded projects have been conducted to:

  • draft procurement implementation rules and regulations for the public and utilities sectors
  • draft standard-form tender and contract documents and operating guidelines for tender preparation and evaluation
  • create and implement training programmes for central, regional and local government
  • establish central procurement monitoring offices and review bodies
  • set up a simplified arbitration system for procurement in the construction industry and procurement review mechanisms